Types of business insurance

Common types of business insurance include vehicle cover, buildings insurance, protection for employees and coverage in case your business causes harm.

Empty white shop which has been damaged

Business interruption insurance

Putting things right after a major incident at your workplace can be time-consuming - and while you're getting back to normal, you're losing income.

Two tradesman in blue tops stood beside a grey van

Business vehicle insurance

Every business vehicle needs the right insurance, whether it's owned or leased by the business, by you personally or by an employee. Our guide.

A man in a suit typing at a laptop that has smoke coming out of it

IT and cyber insurance

Along with theft and damage, you need to protect your tech against online threats such as viruses. Good security and the right insurance can help.

Business partners arrange their product liability insurance

Product liability insurance

If your product injures someone or damages their property, you might face a claim for compensation. Product liability insurance can cover the costs.

A professional adviser works confidently with a couple knowing she has professional indemnity insurance in place

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance helps protect you if a client thinks they lost out because of advice you gave them. We explain the basics.

A small business confidently sells camera equipment knowing he is covered by his insurance policy

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance covers you if your business causes injury or property damage - from legal costs to any compensation you might have to pay.