Budgeting and cost control

Forecasting the financial performance of your business is key. Budgeting helps you see weaknesses in your plans and anticipate financial problems.

A man cuts a piece of paper with the word cost written on it

Cost control

Cutting costs is the simplest way to improve your bottom line - but be careful that quality and morale don't suffer. Read our guide to cost control.

Planning process

Plan and budget for growth

Growing businesses need to be agile, responsive and have contingency plans for whatever the market throws at them. How to plan for business growth.

A filing cabinet with hanging files including a sales folder

Q&A: Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is key to cash flow control, but it can be difficult for new businesses, because they don't have any past sales figures to go on.

Moodboard with 'Costs' in the centre

Drawing up a budget - checklist

A helpful checklist on drawing up your business budget, including what to put in it and who to involve in the process.

Controlling costs brain storm on notepad

Controlling costs - checklist

Our helpful checklist will show you the areas to target when you're trying to understand or reduce business costs.

Businessperson performing budget calculations

Essential guide to budgeting

While you can't know exactly what the future holds, budgeting reduces uncertainty and helps you anticipate problems. Here's how to create a budget.

'COST' written on a piece of paper that's been cut in half by a pair of red scissors

Controlling your costs

While you may not be able to influence how much customers spend, you can do is to control your costs and look at variable and fixed costs.