Cash flow management

While your long-term goal may be to build sales and profitability, in the short-term it's vital to ensure you have enough cash to keep trading.

Cash flow management - overview

If your business runs out of cash to keep trading you could be in big trouble, even if your sales pipeline looks good. Read our overview.

A female customer pays for her flowers in a florists using a card payment

How to take card payments

Most customers these days will pay using a payment card. Discover how you can start taking card payments for invoices, online orders or in person.

A man is paying his business invoices and expenses

Making payments and handling expenses

Making payments and handling expenses is a routine part of business. You need a secure payment process to minimise the risk of fraud, error and unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.

man showcasing a piggy bank

How to control credit - checklist

To avoid the risk of late payment - or no payment at all - it's essential to vet the people you offer credit to and make your terms clear.

The letters DEBT on wooden blocks wiht more blocks being stacked on top

How to collect debts - checklist

Almost every business will experience late payment at some point. This practical checklist will help you recover the money you are owed.

man controlling stock

How to manage stock - checklist

Poor stock control can seriously impact your cash flow, lead to inefficiency in supplying customers, increased storage costs and wastage. Here's how to control your stock levels.

A bookkeeper is chasing overdue invoices

Essential guide to credit control

Credit control helps you optimise your cash flow and avoid late payment or non-payment. Read our guide to setting up a credit control system.