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Floating your company

Floating your company can be one of the most exciting experiences in your business life. But it can also be stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

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Valuing a business

The worth of a business is based on how much profit a buyer can make from it, and the potential risks. Read our guide to valuing your business.


Finance for non-financial managers


Finance for non-financial managers

Understanding the basics of financial management gives you an informed view about the company’s performance, and allows you to play a strategic role.

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Interest on late payments

Avoid cash flow problems and encourage your customers to pay on time by charging interest on late payments. Our guide to your rights.


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Business vehicle insurance

Every business vehicle needs the right insurance, whether it's owned or leased by the business, by you personally or by an employee. Our guide.


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Auto-enrolment FAQs

Find out how the auto-enrolment rules for pensions affect your business. Answers to common questions about your obligations as an employer.

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Pension income calculator

To work out how much income you are likely to receive from your pension, visit the Money Advice Service website for a pension forecast.



Self assessment deadlines

The deadlines for registering for self assessment, filing your self assessment tax return and paying any self assessment tax you owe