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Floating your company

Floating your company can be one of the most exciting experiences in your business life. But it can also be stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

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Your money and your business

How to manage both the investment you put into your business as an owner-manager, and the income, profits and other benefits you get from it.


Finance for non-financial managers


Finance for non-financial managers

Understanding the basics of financial management gives you an informed view about the company’s performance, and allows you to play a strategic role.

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Managing your creditors

Being on good terms and having clear policies is vital for working with your suppliers and other creditors. Here's how to manage the relationship.


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Legal costs insurance

If you need to defend a legal claim, costs can quickly mount up. Without insurance, it might be simply too risky - even if you're in the right.

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Q&A: Business insurance

PolicyBee answers questions about business insurance, including which types you may need, how to make a successful claim and how to minimise risk.


Business owners planning their retirement and managing their pensions


Pension planning for business owners

Pensions for business owners: when you run your own business, planning for your retirement should be a key part of your business strategy.


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PAYE penalties and appeals

Find out about how RTI penalties could apply to your business, depending on how many people you employ in each PAYE scheme, in this HMRC factsheet.