Accounting provides an essential record of how your business has performed financially, helping ensure that your business remains solvent.

Accounting - overview

Every business owner and director should understand basic business accounting concepts - even if you outsource to the professionals. Our guide to simple business accounting.

Bookkeeping - overview

A good bookkeeping system gives you accurate information to help manage your business. We explain your basic options and what the law requires.

Cash flow management - overview

If your business runs out of cash to keep trading you could be in big trouble, even if your sales pipeline looks good. Read our overview.

Business accountants - overview

Not every business owner has the skills to do their own accounts - a professional could be worth their weight in gold. How to choose an accountant.

Management accounts - overview

Management accounts give you the information you need to run your business effectively and make informed decisions. Where to start.

man showcasing a piggy bank

How to control credit - checklist

To avoid the risk of late payment - or no payment at all - it's essential to vet the people you offer credit to and make your terms clear.