Business insurance

Small business insurance is essential. It can protect you from bumps in your small business journey. Insurance might also be a legal requirement. 

Our experts cover the essential small business insurance and the insurance policies that can provide broader protection for your business. Discover how to minimise your insurance risks and insurance premiums, how to make an insurance claim and the insurance requirements for different types of business. From home-based businesses to insurance for shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants to insurance for tradespeople, employers and professional advisers, we have the insurance advice for your business.

Business insurance - overview

Insurance is vital to help your business get back on its feet if the unexpected happens. How to make sure you get the right coverage at the right price.

Managing business risks - overview

Managing risk effectively can lower your insurance premiums. Read our guide to key risks and how to implement a system to help minimise them.

Happy businesspeople knowing they are covered by business insurance

Q&A: Business insurance

PolicyBee answers questions about business insurance, including which types you may need, how to make a successful claim and how to minimise risk.

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