Employee pensions

Under auto-enrolment rules, most employers are legally obliged to provide an employee pension scheme and to make contributions to it.

Employee pensions - overview

Auto-enrolment means most employers now need to provide an employee pension. We explain your obligations and how to choose a scheme.

Pensions for senior managers

Pensions for senior managers

A good pension scheme can be an invaluable benefit for attracting and retaining key senior staff. Our guide to the options available.

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Pensions for your employees

Every business must now enrol their employees in an occupational pension scheme. Read our guide to the law and how to fulfil your duties.

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Introduction to auto-enrolment

All employers are required to enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. Read our introduction to the rules and what your auto-enrolment obligations are.

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Pension auto-enrolment FAQs

Find out how the pension auto-enrolment rules affect your business. Answers to common questions about your obligations as an employer.