If your business is very simple, you can use a paper system to set up and maintain your books. But the majority of businesses use accounting software.

Bookkeeping - overview

A good bookkeeping system gives you accurate information to help manage your business. We explain your basic options and what the law requires.

Pile of file dividers for keeping financial records

Set up and maintain your books

Keeping accurate books is a legal requirement, as well as essential in making informed, productive business decisions. Our guide to bookkeeping.

A blue folder labelled bookkeeping next to a calculator

Q&A: Bookkeeping for start-ups

Accurate bookkeeping can help you keep your business on track and will make it easier when the time comes to file your tax return.

A man completes his bookkeeping and generates his customer invoices

Q&A: Producing invoices

If you've never produced an invoice before, how do you know what to include? Chartered accountant Elaine Clark answers key questions about invoices.