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How to report rental income as a company director

Date: 3 December 2021


What is corporation tax?

Date: 1 December 2021


A woman in a new car showroom

Car finance vs taking out a bank loan

Most people don't buy a car outright, they use bank finance or car finance. But the right option for you is not always clear cut. Here's some of the pros and cons of each.

Date: 18 November 2021 By:

A cafe owner updates her digital signage

Taking advantage of digital technology on a budget

Keeping up to date with technology can be difficult on a small business budget. But that doesn't mean you can't invest. Here's how you can.

Date: 17 November 2021 By:

Keys and a pen resting on top of a rental agreement

Which allowable expenses do buy-to-let landlords fail to claim?

Landlords can deduct allowable expenses from their profits to help minimise their income tax bill but there are some expenses that frequently get forgotten. Find out more.

Date: 9 November 2021 By:

Visualisation of Blockchain technology

Seven key blockchain trends

Looking at the development of blockchain, we can confidently say that this technology is the future. In this article, we look at the key trends in the development of blockchain technologies in 2021.

Date: 3 November 2021 By:

Autumn Budget 2021: round up of the key announcements

Autumn Budget 2021: round up of the key announcements

The chancellor of the exchequer has outlined the government's spending plans in his autumn 2021 Budget. Here's what your business needs to know.

Date: 27 October 2021 By:

A business successfully applies for a loan

Loan options for keeping your business afloat

The finances of many small businesses have been stretched by the pandemic. What are the financing options if your business is in need of funds?

Date: 22 October 2021 By:

A business set up as an Amazon trader

How do the top websites make money?

Four lessons from the UK's top websites that could help your online start up business get off to a successful start.

Date: 20 October 2021 By:

Buying a car may be easier than you think with car finance

Ten car financing myths debunked

There are a number of myths about how difficult it can be to get car finance. We put the top ten car financing myths to bed in this article.

Date: 18 October 2021 By:

A man sorts out his finances

How to choose the right type of personal loan

Most people need to take out a personal loan at some point. We explore when you might need a personal loan, how to improve your chances of being approved for a loan and how to choose the right personal loan for your needs.

Date: 15 October 2021 By:

Crytocurrency and cryptoassets including bitcoin coins and credit cards.

Cryptoassets: what are the tax implications?

A guide to cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies and how you might be taxed as an individual or businesses and links to the latest HMRC cryptoasset guidance.

Date: 29 September 2021 By:

Couple reading a letter from the insurance company about husband's injury

Why income protection is important for small business owners

When you run a small business, the buck stops with you. Income protection insurance can provide protection when things go wrong.

Date: 24 September 2021 By:

An female landlord holds the keys to one of her rental properties

Making Tax Digital for landlords: a guide

The government's Making Tax Digital programme is being rolled out and it will have implications for landlords. Read a guide to the forthcoming MTD changes.

Date: 13 September 2021 By:

A nurse supports and elderly patient

How will NIC increases to pay for health and social care affect you?

Discover how the National Insurance contributions rise from April 2022 will affect, employers, employees, sole traders and landlords.

Date: 9 September 2021 By:

An attractive man works out the best legal form for him new business

Sole trader or limited company? What form should your business take?

Should you trade as a sole trader or limited company? This is a key start up issue you need to address. We look at the pros and cons and the likely tax payable.

Date: 6 September 2021 By:

A man implements digital transformation tools in his business

Five ways SMB owners benefit from digital transformation

The world of work is evolving rapidly. Discover five ways digital transformation is accelerating that change within small businesses.

Date: 19 August 2021 By:

A couple arrive at their holiday letting

Key tax facts for furnished holiday lettings owners

The "staycation" looks here to stay so what do you need to know about the tax treatment of furnished holiday lettings if you're considering investing?

Date: 2 August 2021 By:

An older couple relax on the sofa

Which equity release product is right for you?

Equity release is one option for increasing your income in later life but which equity release product is right for you. Find out in this guide.

Date: 26 July 2021 By:

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