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Business gifts what are the tax implications?

Date: 28 June 2022


What is stop loss management in Forex?

Date: 16 June 2022


How account-to-account payments work

Date: 9 June 2022


A woman receiving a business gift

Business gifts what are the tax implications?

Business gifts can be used the thank loyal customers or staff. It can help keep your business front mind and boosts loyalty but you need to consider the tax implications.

Date: 28 June 2022 By:

A businesswomen uses MTD-compliant software to submit her income tasx self assessment

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax – Should you prepare now?

Making Tax Digital has already transformed the reporting of VAT and income tax self assessment is next. Discover what MTD for Income Tax will mean for you.

Date: 27 May 2022 By:

Representation of virtual office

Working from a virtual office: benefits and pitfalls

Can your business operate with a virtual office and remote working? Possibly. We look at the benefits and pitfalls.

Date: 13 April 2022 By:

Simple Tax

Why you should go digital for self assessment in 2022

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax is coming but you don't have to wait to benefit from switching to digital self assessment. Learn why you should make it digital now.

Date: 8 April 2022 By:

A landlord hands over the keys to a rental property

April tax changes landlords need to be aware of

April marks the start of the 2022/23 UK tax year. It's also the month when HMRC introduces any important tax changes.

Date: 5 April 2022 By:

Houses of Parliament in spring

Budget statement 2022: key announcements

The chancellor of the exchequer announced government spending plans against a backdrop of rapidly increasing costs. Learn what support he was able to offer businesses in the 2022 spring Budget.

Date: 23 March 2022 By:

A calender with a reminder to file tax return

Avoid penalties: Meeting your tax obligations as a new business owner

Completing a tax return might feel like an onerous exercise but putting it off is not an option. Discover how to make filing your self assessment return less stressful.

Date: 8 March 2022 By:

A car dealer shaking hand with a man who has leased a car

Is leasing a car tax deductible?

If you're a self-employed contractor, freelancer or other sole trader considering leasing a vehicle, you should know the tax implications. This guide answers key questions regarding reporting and paying tax when you lease a vehicle for work if you're a self-employed contractor, freelancer or sole trader.

Date: 7 March 2022 By:

Business partners file their VAT return as MTD for VAT comes in

What you need to know about Making Tax Digital for VAT in 2022

All VAT-registered businesses – regardless of their turnover – must comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT rules from 1 April 2022. Here's what you need to know.

Date: 16 February 2022 By:

Reporting gains on crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency: how to report and pay the right amount of tax

More than 2.3 million people now own crypto currency and assets Learn if and when tax becomes payable on these assets if you're an individual or business.

Date: 15 February 2022 By:

A close up of the HMRC website

Do I need to file a self assessment tax return and report a COVID-19 grant?

Discover who must file a self assessment tax return and how to report any taxable COVID-19 support you may have received.

Date: 5 January 2022 By:

A landlord hands over a key and rental contract

How to report rental income as a company director

How do landlords report rental income and pay any tax owing? The experts from GoSimpleTax talk us through the process of registration to reporting and paying.

Date: 3 December 2021 By:

A visual representation of corporation tax with the word tax against a city backdrop

What is corporation tax?

Read this introductory blog to learn what corporation tax is, who must pay it and how you can pay your corporation tax bill.

Date: 1 December 2021 By:

Keys and a pen resting on top of a rental agreement

Which allowable expenses do buy-to-let landlords fail to claim?

Landlords can deduct allowable expenses from their profits to help minimise their income tax bill but there are some expenses that frequently get forgotten. Find out more.

Date: 9 November 2021 By:

Autumn Budget 2021: round up of the key announcements

Autumn Budget 2021: round up of the key announcements

The chancellor of the exchequer has outlined the government's spending plans in his autumn 2021 Budget. Here's what your business needs to know.

Date: 27 October 2021 By:

Crytocurrency and cryptoassets including bitcoin coins and credit cards.

Cryptoassets: what are the tax implications?

A guide to cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies and how you might be taxed as an individual or businesses and links to the latest HMRC cryptoasset guidance.

Date: 29 September 2021 By:

An female landlord holds the keys to one of her rental properties

Making Tax Digital for landlords: a guide

The government's Making Tax Digital programme is being rolled out and it will have implications for landlords. Read a guide to the forthcoming MTD changes.

Date: 13 September 2021 By:

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