Bank accounts

A bank account is essential if you want to send and receive payments or to save money securely. Banks and other providers offer a range of personal and business banking services and accounts.

Bank accounts - overview

A bank account is essential if you want to send and receive payments or to save money securely. You may need separate personal and business bank accounts if you are running your own small business or operate as a sole trader.

Smiling business owners arranging loan with bank manager

Overdrafts and bank loans

Overdrafts and bank loans are the most common form of external financing available to businesses. Read our guide to reducing the cost and risk.

Bank cards on a keyboard

The best UK business bank account

Our guide to some of the UK’s most popular business bank accounts - from high street banks and challenger apps - to help you find the bank account for your business.

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Choosing a business bank account

Business bank accounts are offered by a rank of providers from recognised high street banks to the new, online challenger banks. A guide to choosing the right business bank account.

A man withdraws money from his personal bank account using a cashpoint machine

Choosing a personal bank account

What to think about when choosing a personal bank account. Finding the best bank accounts for customer satisfaction, rewards, savings and overdrafts

Doing your business banking online

Do I need a business bank account?

You may be required by law to open a business bank account. Check the rules and discover the benefits of having one or more business bank accounts - even if you do not legally require one.

A female entrepreneur has a meeting at the bank to open an account

Opening a business bank account

Opening a business bank account should be straightforward but to make sure the process is as smooth as possible you should follow this advice.

Woman signing an application form for a personal bank account

Opening a personal bank account

What you need to be able to open a bank account. How to open a new account or switch accounts. What to do if you are refused a bank account.

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