Tax calculators

Tax calculatorsTax calculators can be a useful tool for tax planning and cashflow forecasting. Here is a round-up of the best tax calculators available online, including those from official bodies such as HMRC and the Valuation Office

There are different calculators to help you with different tax liabilities. An income tax calculator, for example, can help you estimate future tax bills, while a company car tax calculator can help you compare the tax impact of different company car choices.

Bear in mind that tax calculators are based on standard assumptions. If your tax affairs are more complicated or if you need detailed advice, talk to an accountant.

Income tax calculators and National Insurance payments

Income tax calculators can be used to calculate your own income tax if you are an employee of your own company, and other employees’ income tax liabilities.

Some income tax calculators also work out National Insurance contributions (NICs).

You should not use the income tax calculators above if you are self-employed. A self-employment income tax calculator needs to take into account the different NICs paid, and any allowable business expenses.

The HMRC self-assessment ready reckoner provides a simple calculation of income tax and Class 4 NICs. You can get a clearer idea of your tax liabilities by completing your tax return online or by taking advice from your accountant.

If you own a personal services company, you can assess the extra tax and NICs you may have to pay on dividend payments using the IR35 - deemed payment calculator and guidance.

The rules on IR35 changed in 2017, so do your research. If in doubt, always take advice from a qualified accountant.

Company car tax calculators

The HMRC company car tax calculator includes company car tax and car fuel benefit for employees. You will need to complete details such as emissions and list price.

This company car tax calculator will automatically complete all the details if you choose the car model and provide comprehensive tax details for the next three years.

This simpler company car tax calculator can be used to check current and historic tax details.

Corporation tax calculators

Corporation tax calculations are generally complex, relying on detailed information about income and expenses. Various online tax calculators can help with simple guidance and estimates:

For a fuller assessment of your tax liability, you should take advice.

Payroll calculators

HMRC provides a range of calculators you can use when managing payroll deductions:

Other tax calculators

A simple VAT calculator can work out the amount of VAT you need to charge on standard-rated supplies.

This capital gains tax (CGT) calculator can help you estimate a potential CGT liability.

Guidance on the GOV.UK website may help you estimate your business rates bill.

You can use the HMRC stamp duty land tax (SDLT) calculators to work out how much SDLT might be payable on a property purchase.

As with all the calculators listed, you may want to take advice to get a full picture of your tax liabilities and any opportunities to minimise tax.

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