Five key benefits of hiring a lawyer


Date: 5 February 2024

A meeting between a lawyer and a small business owner

Disputes are inevitable in every aspect of your life, including your business. Breach of contract, theft, unfulfilled orders, and copyright issues could all cause trouble in your business.

If your business faces any of the legal issues above, you may need a lawyer to handle the dispute for you or to help prevent any business loss in the future. Keep reading the article to discover just some of the reasons you might need to hire a business litigation lawyer.

1. Legal advice and case interpretation

You may be familiar with the day-to-day running of your business, but business law is different. Business lawsuits can be complicated and, in most cases, you will need expert help to bring action or to defend your business if you do not possess a legal background yourself.

So, for legal advice and case interpretations, you should consider hiring business litigation lawyers who will interpret challenging legal jargon for you and guide you on the right course of action to take for your business.

Additionally, legal experts can help you understand the legal rights and obligations that apply to your businesses. They will also guide you through the judicial process, including composing and filing the paperwork within the given deadlines.

2. Minimising business losses

The next important benefit of hiring a lawyer is that it will help minimise business losses during legal proceedings.

When you're involved in legal proceedings, your business will still need your attention. This will be in addition to filing any necessary legal documents, responding to summons, dealing with press enquiries and attending court proceedings. Some businesses are so sensitive that slight disruption or absence of the owner or manager can lead to an enormous loss.

Appointing a lawyer to handle legal issues such as gathering evidence, creating documentation, serving summons, negotiating with the defendants, and attending court proceedings leaves you free to get on with normal business and avoid losses.

3. Help with insurance and tax laws

Tax laws are one of the most problematic areas when running your business. Disputes related to tax or insurance can arise at any time.

Expert legal advice can help solve existing problems and prevent future occurrences by finding allowable deductions and credits to protect your business against high tax or insurance bills.

Insurance companies are notorious for rushing to close some cases and dragging their heels in others. A lawyer will investigate all the options and issues that an insurer might try to leave of a case. This will allow you to continue running your business without any threat or danger from insurance or tax policies.

4. Seasoned negotiator during arbitration

According to research, the number of lawsuits going to court have declined over the past few decades because most are resolved out of court with the help of arbitration.

The process of arbitration is less expensive than the course proceedings. Arbitration happens when two parties in a dispute bring in a third party to resolve their dispute.

A lawyer can help you find the right, neutral third party that can increase the chance of a positive outcome. They will also represent you and offer the best legal advice to ensure favourable outcomes.

5. Legal representation during trials

If your case looks likely to end in a trial in court, you need an expert lawyer with appropriate legal knowledge and litigation expertise. A good lawyer will have the right skills, experience, and knowledge to convince the court to rule in your favour.

Some business owners try to prepare their cases independently or without getting help from lawyers. While this will be cheaper, the stakes are very high. It is much more likely that the inexperienced will lose the case. Therefore, if you're facing a legal issue, you should get an expert lawyer on board.

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