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Date: 16 February 2022

Trading foreign currencies on a laptop

Are you looking for ways to turn a profit in these uncertain economic markets? There are dozens of excellent strategies for dealing with what has turned out to be one of the most volatile, unpredictable periods in recent history. For instance, forex traders can always play the ups and downs between currency values regardless of how well the stock market performs.

Additionally, ongoing inflation, the continuing COVID pandemic, political instability, and other substantial question marks for the year offer unique chances for attentive traders. For those who prefer forex and CFDs (contracts for difference), the use of leverage can help magnify the effects of every trade, for better or worse. Those who believe there will be a significant correction in the securities markets could take advantage of a significant short selling opportunity. Here's more about what you can do to benefit from a potentially unstable year.


When the global economy is turbulent, there are always some currencies that do better than others. For anyone who trades foreign exchange currency pairs, these divergences are golden opportunities to play the strong currencies against the weak. While nothing is ever guaranteed, it's important to keep up to date with current events when making a forex trading plan.

For example, the Chinese economy is currently experiencing a major downturn due in part to some of its top corporations suffering financial crises. Meanwhile, the UK is undergoing a slow rebuilding of its economy as markets gain strength and the effects of the COVID pandemic begin to wane. Does that mean the yuan will weaken compared to the pound?

This is just one example of a scenario that will play out in 2022. For traders who download MT4 with AvaTrade, it's possible to find all sorts of forex opportunities.


Inflation expectations have changed significantly in the past month. At the beginning of the year many in the financial media were still referring to transitory inflationary pressures that would last no more than six months. Now, it's an entirely different story. As prices rise across the board, in both consumer and wholesale categories, it looks like inflation will be a key influence this year.

What does this mean for investors? One question you should ask is what companies typically do well when consumer prices rise? The standard answer will be retail merchants, service providers, and any number of manufacturing businesses. While inflation has a unique way of eating away at an individual's income, there are some investment techniques that offer a way around the negative effects of inflation.

Trading signals following blockchain trends and trading signals are an excellent way to take advantage of markets that are in transition. Even when the future is unclear, numerical signals can point traders in the general direction of where prices are headed. For example, you can use the MT4 software to alert you to currency pairs that are showing significant divergence.

Account holders can choose whatever signals are most important to them, set the trading software to recognise specific price patterns, and never miss an opportunity. You can even set the software to alert you via text message or email when a particular signal is triggered.


Financial leverage is another handy tool for those who want to boost their trading power. This is especially true for forex enthusiasts who don't want to put large sums of money on the line. Instead, they use the leverage allowed by their broker, set careful stops, and aim for small profit targets. The power of leverage leads to magnified gains but also to larger losses. That's why it's essential for anyone who uses leverage to spend time learning how to place orders quickly and accurately.

Position calculators

There are many different kinds of position size calculators. In forex trading, you can input basic data into the calculator, like the size of your account, the name of the currency pair, and the amount, in percent, of your account balance you wish to place at risk. The calculator does the rest by showing you exactly how large a position you should take based on the specific parameters you entered.

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