How are emerging markets evolving?


Date: 28 October 2020

An investment team check emerging market opportunities

Emerging markets are always incredibly interesting to watch. These markets look to tackle issues that we might not have seen so far, and they deliver services and products that have the potential to change our lives in an ever-changing world. Not only do successful businesses evolve, but their markets do too.

New technologies

New technologies are one of the first places we see change in any emerging market. The technologies are often innovative and fresh, and the smallest of changes can cause waves across the world.

The adoption of new technologies can come in at any level. A new piece of tech can be rolled out across an industry and subsequently picked up by other businesses. This means that brand loyalties form between the developers and their ecommerce partners. For example, some internet companies that started out as small businesses have grown to dominate global markets thanks to the new technologies they introduced.

These small technological changes can eventually have an impact on the wider industry too. As a result, companies form to specifically target the areas that these new conglomerates need assistance with.

Constant change

From an investor's point of view, emerging markets are a great place to explore simply because nothing ever stands still. Any investor will find that things move quickly and there will always be new opportunities to pursue. There could be a sector that they want to move into, or it could be an area that they are well versed in.

There are many investors who are keen to find the best new opportunities out there. For example, top investors like philanthropist Tej Kohli and scientist Adiari Vazquez, are always on the lookout for new products and companies that could have the potential to change the world. These constant changes help further drive innovations across various markets.

New hotspots

The major drivers behind these emerging markets have shifted away from the Dot Com bubble of a few years ago. Back then, there was a lot of activity in countries like South Africa or Brazil.

While Asia had a role back then, its impact is dwarfed by the major role Asia plays in emerging markets now. There are many incredible companies that have risen from humble beginnings in Asian countries that have grown to become massive international conglomerates. From tech companies to manufacturing firms, there are many companies that have taken advantage of emerging markets to carve out a path for themselves and the companies following in their footsteps and making innovations of their own.

Emerging markets might be one area that slips under the radar of some investors, but you should keep an eye on what is happening here. There is the potential for massive change across all sectors and it could evolve and explode from any direction. Anyone looking to invest in emerging markets should ready themselves for developments and new opportunities at any moment.

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