Claim a National Insurance rebate

 A woman celebrates successfully claiming her National Insurance rebate

National Insurance contributions are payable if you are:

  • aged over 16;
  • an employee earning more than £183 a week for 2020/21 (£166 for 2019/20);
  • self-employed with profits over £6,475 for 2020/21 (£6,365 for 2019/20).

In some circumstances, it is possible to overpay NICs, for example:

  • if you have a high income and are both employed and self-employed;
  • if you have more than one employed job;
  • if you have reached state pension age but have continued to pay NICs.

You can find out how to claim a National Insurance rebate using this tool on the GOV.UK website, which directs you to the correct form, helpline or postal address. It does not as yet allow you to submit a refund claim online.

You will need to know specifically what class of NI rebate you are applying for, as there are different methods for reclaiming.


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