Brits losing sleep because of work stress

11 September 2018

Brits losing sleep because of work stressOver half of British workers polled in a new survey say they have problems sleeping because of stress at work.

The Stress Epidemic Report, produced by Wrike, is based on a poll of 1,600 working adults in the United States and United Kingdom. The findings reveal that the top stressors at work are "poor communication" (39%), "team members not pulling their weight on projects" (28%) and "bottlenecks" (25%).

The key findings are:

  • 27% of all respondents report high to unsustainably high stress;
  • 53% of respondents say stress has caused them to lose sleep;
  • 54% say that stress negatively affects their personal lives at least once per week;
  • 30% of UK workers say stress is having a negative impact on work quality;
  • 31% of UK respondents say they have "stopped caring or checked out" as a result of stress.

The report also reveals that some work-related challenges - such as after-hours emails and unrealistic deadlines - affect high-stressed workers far more than those with low stress.

"The pace of work has accelerated as a result of a number of converging trends, from digitalisation to the on-demand economy and globalisation," said Wrike ceo Andrew Filev. "Work is often expected yesterday, and in trying to keep up with the sometimes breakneck speed, workers are stressing themselves to the point of burnout."

Commenting on the findings, chartered business psychologist Portia Hickey said: "I am, sadly, rather familiar with findings from the latest Wrike report, that workplace stress is very common and has an effect on our lives outside of work. Many people suffer with lack of sleep as a result, which is so important for our mental and physical health. Our lives are so intertwined with work, largely due to the fact that we are more connected than ever before … If, as an employer, you don't try to help manage stress on behalf of your employees, you're at real risk of losing them to another company that does."

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