Asset finance calculation sheets


Q&A: Asset finance

Steve Richardson of Funding Options answers key questions about asset finance and how it could benefit your business, starting with the basics.

Family members come together to fund a start up business


Q&A: Family investors

Andrew Niblock, commercial lawyer at Keystone Law, explains the importance of signing contracts with family members investing in your business.


The letters DEBT on wooden blocks wiht more blocks being stacked on top


Collecting debts - checklist

Almost every business will experience late payment at some point. This practical checklist will help you recover the money you are owed.

man showcasing a piggy bank


Controlling credit - checklist

To avoid the risk of late payment - or no payment at all - it's essential to vet the people you offer credit to and make your terms clear.


A woman is paying for her groceries using a debit card


Accepting payments

As a business you need to accept customer payments. There are many ways of accepting payments, but you should aim to accept the payment methods your customers prefer. How can you get paid?

A man is paying his business invoices and expenses


Making payments and handling expenses

Making payments and handling expenses is a routine part of business. You need a secure payment process to minimise the risk of fraud, error and unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.


Woman sat on a sofa holding a mug while completing her home business insurance


Home business insurance

If you run your business from your home, you need to make sure you're properly insured - your current home insurance may well not cover you.


An attractive women celebrates receiving confirmation of her tax refund


Claim a tax refund

If you think you paid too much tax in a previous tax year, use this HMRC tool to claim a tax rebate.


Business owners planning their retirement and managing their pensions


Pension planning for business owners

Pensions for business owners: when you run your own business, planning for your retirement should be a key part of your business strategy.