If disaster strikes, insurance helps your business get back on its feet as quickly as possible - but you need to get the right coverage.


Insurance - overview

Insurance is vital to help your business get back on its feet if the unexpected happens. How to make sure you get the right coverage at the right price.

Making an insurance claim

Making an insurance claim - overview

If you need to make an insurance claim it's important to follow the right procedures so it can be settled quickly and in full. Our overview.

Managing business risks

Managing business risks - overview

Managing risk effectively can lower your insurance premiums. Read our guide to key risks and how to implement a system to help minimise them.

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Business insurance needs - overview

Every type of business will have different insurance needs - from employees to premises and vehicles. Our guide to understanding what cover you need.


Q&A: Business insurance

Jazz Gakhal answers questions about business insurance, including which types you may need, how to make a successful claim and how to minimize risk.

Empty white shop which has been damaged

Business interruption insurance

Putting things right after a major incident at your workplace can be time-consuming - and while you're getting back to normal, you're losing income.

Two tradesman in blue tops stood beside a grey van

Business vehicle insurance

Every business vehicle needs the right insurance, whether it's owned or leased by the business, by you personally or by an employee. Our guide.

Female contract and freelance insurer in a blue striped shirt biting her pencil

Contractor and freelancer insurance

If you work as a contractor or freelancer, you likely won't be covered by your client's or agency's insurance. The types of insurance you may need.

Woman sat on a sofa holding a mug while completing her home business insurance

Home business insurance

If you run your business from your home, you need to make sure you're properly insured - your current home insurance may well not cover you.

Man burying his head in his hands about the costs of legal insurance

Legal costs insurance

If you need to defend a legal claim, costs can quickly mount up. Without insurance, it might be simply too risky - even if you're in the right.

Two people in shirts sat at a computer managing IT-related risks

Managing IT-related risks

Many businesses depend on their tech and data. A major incident can be expensive or even impossible to recover from - so risk management is essential.

Multiple different people stood in an open-plan styled office

Office insurance

Think you don't need insurance for your low-risk, office-based business? Think again - an uninsured problem could be disastrous. Our guide.


Product liability insurance

If your product injures someone or damages their property, you might face a claim for compensation. Product liability insurance can cover the costs.


Pub, restaurant and cafe insurance

If you run a pub or restaurant, you need to be protected against risks like theft or flooding as well as legal claims against your business.


Shop insurance

Shop owners have specialist insurance needs to make sure they're protected. Our guide to the main issues to consider and how to reduce your risks.